My Story - Lessons Learned

Hello, I am an immigrant, who came to this country legally at the height of the Civil Rights Movement!

I come from the country that is responsible for WWII! The take-over of one of the worst totalitarian groups of People took only 5 months with Executive Orders! The criminal actions and atrocities that followed for 7 years almost brought the entire world to the brink of destruction.

The people in my country were blind sighted and lost all their freedom and zest for life at the command of a group of criminal zealots, who followed the doctrine of New World Order”! From my experience, it was the bravery of the Allies after the end of WWII, led by America, which finally restored the peace on the western globe.

But not without cost! My country was divided by the allies (Britain, France, America and Russia) into 4 parts. Three of them brought systems of free choice, one was a totalitarian regime. This divided my country with two different ideologies...West and East! Freedom of choice verses Communism Dictatorship!

The quality of life developed radically different in each part, with the West becoming prosperous under the free market system, fashioned after the American democratic Republic based on the Constitution, while the East followed the Marxist doctrine, where suppression and government overreach became intolerable for many and the exodus from EAST to WEST started!

People escaped in droves to the West part, so many of them, that the East regime built the historical “BERLIN WALL”, stopping anybody to escape to the “wrong” side and forcing them to stay in the East part of Germany! The entire border to the West was finally closed off with a wall and “death strip”, that was patrolled 24/7 with armed soldiers, who were ordered to shoot anybody and anything that entered that militarized zone. Many people died trying to reach freedom and unite with their families and friends in the West. The division of East and West became a way of life until finally the East could no longer sustain their regime.

The world was taken by surprise when, during the night of November 1989, crowds of East Germans began dismantling the Berlin Wall, a barrier that for almost 30 years had symbolized the Cold War and division of Europe. By October 1990 Germany was reunited, triggering the swift collapse of the other East European systems. There is much history to be learned from this experience!

Reflecting on the developments of the past 4 years here in America, I can’t ignore to recognize similar patterns emerging and it frightens me to see, how these patterns are increasing and getting into the fabric of America’s freedom.

Know that my people could have stopped the take-over in the beginning stage but turned their cheeks and let the foot soldiers commit criminal actions, hurting innocent people and taking away their belongings and freedom based on different believes!

AMERICA was the heaven of freedom for those people back then. Many lucky ones were able to escape to America. They were safe. The ground rules that make America safe are in the CONSTITUTION! Many people are asking themselves, what is happening in America and the World today? Don’t follow the coward position of my country, educate yourself, ask questions, stand tall with many and make it known, it is WE THE PEOPLE under the CONSTITUTION which is in charge of AMERICA.

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