Three friends started to exchange thoughts in May 2018 and quickly learned, that they have the same mindset. Hence “Independent Thinkers” emerged and their passion to preserve something they experienced as a very special and fortunate place to live, turned into action.

May we introduce the energy behind “INDEPENDENT THINKERS”:



Eva was born, raised and educated in West Germany and has a Business Degree from Germany in “Betriebswirtschaft”. She came to the US in 1969 after marriage to her husband Robert in 1968. She has lived in New York, Southern California and Fremont since 1974, where she and her husband have built a successful Business and raised their family.

Coming from postwar Germany, as part of the generation that helped rebuilt a country out of ashes, with the help of the US Marshall plan, her experience is deeply embedded in her mindset. Living in America for many years and witnessing the 1960’s movement during her time at Cornell University, she truly learned what freedom on all levels means. With her German discipline, work ethic and strong set of values based on her culture, the American way of life has been very good to her and her family.

Eva is non-political by nature and has always taken the middle, more neutral path when it comes to politics. However, the past 2 years have been an eye- opening experience for her and she quickly realized, that there is something fundamentally wrong in the free America. The two-party system locked into this yes-no and right-wrong stance, which is escalating with vengeance and unreasonableness, has made her decide, that there must be a different way to preserve the peaceful, truly free existence of this great Nation. Maybe with uniting “Independent Thinkers” we can come together as one Nation again and learn to be at peace with each other.




Amy was trained as a Mathematician and most recently worked as a Business Systems Analyst for the Henkel Corporation. Amy was born in Madison, Wisconsin and lived in many cities including Wilmington Delaware, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Durham North Carolina and finally St Louis Missouri where she met her husband Steve at Washington University.

Amy’s parents came to the United States from China for graduate school. In 1950, in spite of friends telling them they were making a mistake to remain in America, they decided they would not return to China, when Communism was taking over. They always told Amy and the other children that America’s freedom and opportunities for success made America the best country in the world. They couldn’t have been more correct!

The basic values for freedom and what Independent Thinkers stand for are at the basis of our great nation. Amy is working with Independent Thinkers in order to educate and bring these ideas particularly for the sake of the next generation.




Midji was born in Indonesia. She is a naturalized US Citizen, a wife and a mother of 1 daughter. She has lived in the US for the past 23 years and currently runs her own accounting and bookkeeping business in Union City.

She has a BA in Architecture from Indonesia, and a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School, in Fremont.

As a Catholic, she embraces pro-life, is in the PC environment by default, is a conservative with strong family values, believes in religious freedom and respects all life at all stages.

Back in 2016 she started to pay close attention to our country’s political situation observing a stark contrast of opposite opinions, information distortion done by the media, and a total melt-down in unity, as a result of miss-information propaganda, and conflict.

These observations have moved her to take a more active part to help preserve the freedom and liberty which makes this country great.

Together with the “Independent Thinkers”, she hopes to be able to inform people young, old, new legal immigrants and people of opposite views via education, how America has offered a free and prosperous life to many different cultures and how we can save true American Value for the next generation.

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
— Thomas Jefferson