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Welcome to The Independent Thinkers


Our personal histories and diverse backgrounds brought us together to attempt to connect people by presenting well researched educational materials via live speakers, videos, movies, books and a mentor program with the hope, to engage all of us in healthy debate again.


Independent Thinkers

Three women friends started an organization called “Independent Thinkers” in May 2018.

The idea came out of the frustration of the escalating political climate in this country and the realization, that the polarization of left and right are getting stronger without good facts and healthy debate. We believe, that this is a very dangerous development and could tip over to repeat undesirable history.

We are independent thinkers, who still believe in America, which is based on Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all! Race, religion, life style or any particular group identity are individual choices and not to be dictated by any government form, which is chosen “by the people for the people”! This idea has been proven in the last centuries as the best practice for a successful nation and allowed America to flourish into the most prosperous country in the world.

To maintain this ideal, we need to re-examine our own values and motives, explore our understanding of history, facts and truths. Surface information is not enough to form an objective opinion to support the elected leaderships. Careful scrutiny is essential to keep us moving forward to keep America well and alive. The real change starts with each individual making sure that we are authentic and true to our values.

We, the INDEPENDENT THINKERS, observe, learn, and agree, that the only way to save America, is to save the idea of Liberty, Freedom and Justice as it is outlined in the Constitution.

Freedom is not an entitlement but a gift, that must be accepted with responsibility.


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